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Open Monday thru Saturday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.



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Our kitchen manager, Ragena Ransom is a professional baker... notice how terrific our dessert case looks!

Come in and sample our great new line of sweets!

Enjoy lunch and pastries at the Suwannee Rose Cafe!

The Suwannee Rose Cafe is the perfect place to relax and have a light lunch and a delicious home style pastry after browsing the Quilt Shoppe and our Christmas and gift room.

Quiche: We serve quiche every day - spinach, ham & cheese, broccoli or
krab. (And are they ever good!)

Salads: Our salad sampler includes a little bit of everything. Enjoy samples of chicken salad, broccoli salad, pasta salad and our delicious potato salad. Of course you can always order just your favorite.

Sandwiches & Croissants: Enjoy a sandwich on our bread of the day or croissant made with your choice of turkey, ham, chicken salad or tuna salad. We also have hot pressed Monte Cristos, Reubens, Paninis and wraps.

Soups: For those cold winter days, or just anytime, we're now serving delicious home made soups, including split pea, creamy potato, minestrone, Tortilla, clam chowder and potato ham chowder.

Beverages: Warm up with our hot coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate. We also serve sweet or unsweet tea, raspberry tea and a variety of cold drinks.

Pastries: Lunch just isn't complete without a choice of Ragena's chocolate peanut butter pie, a six layer chocolate torte, our three day coconut cake, Kahlua cake, orange marmalade cake, lemon creme, red velvet cake and our German chocolate cake. You can get an individual slice or order an entire pie or cake for your special event (2 days notice please for whole cakes and pies.)

Call Ragena at 352-463-3842 to make arrangements for your group or to order whole pies or cakes.


Happy Days are Here Again

The Happy Days Old Time Soda Fountain is a vintage soda fountain and ice cream parlor located inside the Suwannee Valley Quilt Shoppe. The soda fountain is open for business Monday through Saturday from 10 AM until 4 PM.

The marble counters, which were manufactured by Robert M. Green and Sons in the 1920s, and the Soda Fountain, which is a Bastian-Blessing "All Dry Superior Bobtail" manufactured 62 years ago in July of 1950, were moved to the Quilt Shoppe in mid April and carefully restored over the following two months. One of the interesting historical facts about Trenton's soda fountain counter is that it was made by Robert M. Green who is the man credited with inventing the ice cream soda in 1874 during the sesquicentennial celebration in Philadelphia, PA. The counter still proudly displays Robert M. Green's original manufacturer's nameplate. The ice cream soda quickly became very popular, to such a degree that it was almost socially obligatory among teens, although many adults abhorred it. According to some accounts, it was banned, either entirely or on holy days, by some local governments, giving rise to a substitute treat, the sodaless "Ice Cream Sundae", which was a name coined by soda fountains for the ice cream concoctions that they served on "Sodas Day of Rest."

The popular memory of the soda fountain is an idyllic one, of a place where soda "jerks" mingled with starry-eyed teens on dates and kids were seeking a snack and a song after school. But in the 1960s, the rising popularity of fast food, commercial ice cream, bottled soda, and restaurants marked the end of the age of the soda fountain.

The Happy Days old Time Soda Fountain at the Suwannee Valley Quilt Shoppe has recreated the atmosphere of the 1950s complete with vintage glassware and original music hits that all "Baby Boomers" will recognize. Take a moment to step back in time and sample the old fashioned Ice Cream Sodas, Phosphates and Egg Creamers along with Sundaes and Banana Splits. The soda fountain delights are relatively inexpensive, but the experience is priceless.

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