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The Ruffled Rose Tea Room hosts formal English teas as well as theme teas. The teas are held each month from 2-4 p.m. and are by reservation only. In addition private teas for special groups of 24 or more may be arranged for the date of their choosing, Some of the theme teas that have been presented are: Vintage fashions show, roarin' 20's fashion show, mystery tea, mother/children's tea and children's fashion show with girls decorating their own hat and mother/daughter tea.

Our upcoming Teas:

You and your little ones are invited to a Teddy Bear Picnic Tea. The tea will be held at the Ruffled Rose Tea Room on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 2:00 pm. Children 12 and under are welcome to attend. Bring your favorite Teddy Bear and come and have a great time. There will be songs and games, plus the children will decorate their own Teddy Bear cookie. Come join all our Teddy Bear friends. Price for adults is $14.95, plus tax and gratuity. Children under 13 are $10.95, plus tax and gratuity. We can Bearly wait to see you.

October 19th - Mystery Tea
November 16th - International Tea (dance demo from different countries)
December 14th - Christmas Tea (ornament story exchange)

The cost of the teas are $15.95 - $19.95 depending on the them and this price includes the gratuity

For reservations and information call The Suwannee Valley Quilt Shoppe at 352/463-3842

Visit us on Facebook: Facebook.com\Ruffled Rose Tea Room

Historical tidbit: It's a little known fact, but after its introduction to Europe in the 17th century, tea was tremendously popular in France. It first arrived in Paris in 1636 (22 years before it appeared in England!) and quickly became popular amongst the aristocracy. According to legend, one of Queen Victoria's (1819-1901) ladies-in-waiting, Anna Maria Stanhope (1783-1857), known as the Duchess of Bedford, is credited as the creator of afternoon teatime. Because the noon meal had become skimpier, the Duchess suffered from "a sinking feeling" at about four o'clock in the afternoon. Her solution was the Afternoon Tea. As time went on the ritual evolved and became formalized.


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